Best times of the year to go duck hunting

While there are different variables that determine how successful your duck hunting spree will be, timing has an enormous influence on whether you will make a catch. Just like many other animals, ducks behave differently in different times of the year. Here are a few hunting tips to consider.

Ducks and Cold Fronts

Cold fronts of mid-fall is every hunter’s dream. Some ducks will migrate as the cold season approaches in search of food and fresh water sources for roosting. This, however, depends on the species and the location of the hunt. Understanding these behavioural changes will determine whether you will make a kill or not.

Time of the Day

There is a general belief that morning hours after dawn are the best for duck hunting. This, has, however, been challenged by hunters who find afternoons and early evenings more successful. Ducks and geese tend be active during mornings which makes it a good time to hunt if you are interested in these species.


Ducks will always congregate in the few remaining stretches of open water during super cold seasons. It is obvious many hunters will flock such areas too given the staggering number of birds in these areas. If you choose to break away from the crowd, warm-water river sections that normally don’t freeze make good hunting grounds. The beauty of checking out such areas is that they aren’t on many people’s radars; you could end up getting more than you bargained for.

Windy Days

While wind is a good sign that ducks are on the move, this can work for or against you. A strong wind to the south slows down flight pace meaning you can easily aim at your target.

Successful hunting is heavily dependent on the weather of the area you are hunting in. Keeping tabs on what’s happening out there is a great way to know whether it’s time to assemble your hunting gear or not.