Decoy types

Hunters will always try to invent ways of catching their prey. These inventions ranges from food for the animals to protection for the hunter. Many hunters often use homemade inventions that’s been created for special circumstances for the individual hunter. All in all you can divide the decoys into three types and it’s up to you to find out which one or ones suits you the best.



A homemade corn feeder can attract deer can be made easily from a bucket and some PVC pipe. Simply put PVC pipes in the ground, bury about a foot in the underground. Cut two holes on opposite sides of the plastic jug that is about a half-inch wide each. Fill carafe with about five liters of corn, so that some corn can come out but just with a bit of work from a deer lick or working on it with her snout.


There are some scents that are said to attract deer to areas where the smell spread or deployed. By taking pure vanilla extract and spread it over the stumps and the base of the tree, most deer in the area are drawn to the scent that it smells like some roe deer would like to eat. It might be a good idea to mix the vanilla extract with Vaseline so that it sticks to what it’s spread over better and will last even after a couple of days and a good rain. There are a variety of other combinations of scents that are said to attract deer, among other animals, all of which can be mixed and tried himself.


Fake animal decoy

There are a number of different types of decoys you can build that can build your prey within reach, you shoot them. These decoys can be anything from female deer to turkeys and ducks, all depending on what you are hunting. By taking a large part of flexible wire mesh, you can create the shape of the animal you are in search of it, and then with plaster and strips of newsprint or magazines, you can make a paper mache model of decoy birds you want to build. When this has dried, paint the color of the decoy you are building. This will take time and creative effort, but will be a fun activity to do before the hunt. Then take your bait with you and leave it in an area where your prey can see it and where you can monitor it all the time.